Sustainable Modular Stories

Modular medical facilities are our specialty

For nearly 40 years, SMM has built a solid reputation on delivering modular commercial buildings. But what may be less obvious is our focus on medical facilities. In fact, about half of our business... read more »

November 18, 2019

The sky’s the limit: multi-story modular units

Last summer, the world’s tallest modular building was completed in Singapore. Named Clement Canopy, the project features double towers each standing 459 feet tall, housing a total of 505 luxury... read more »

November 14, 2019

Modular solutions for population growth

With the global population having surpassed 7.7 billion, one thing is becoming clear: the world isn’t getting any smaller. As a result, land is more valuable than ever — both in densely populated... read more »

October 21, 2019